My name is Sue Davis, and I’m a Lightworker, Earth-healer, Homeopath and Funeral Celebrant. I grew up in England, but now live in New Zealand.

I started this blog as a vehicle for my stories of life in New Earth.

Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions and imagination have the power to create. We are only just beginning to understand how important this is. In fact, this is how our collective consciousness creates the world we live in. It has tremendous power.

The Cabal understands this very well, and for thousands of years they have controlled the world we live in by manipulating our consciousness, using religion, education, the media, mind-control technologies and black magic.

But we can refuse this manipulation. And not only that. If we take charge of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, intentions and imagination, we can use them to create the world that we want to see, and draw it towards us.

This world is coming – we’re standing on the threshold. But it’s up to us to bring it into being, and make it what we want it to be. And the sooner we apply our collective consciousness to it, the sooner it will arrive.

That’s why I wanted to share these stories with you. To insert them into the collective consciousness, in the hope that they will help bring our New Earth into being.

So I invite you to join with me in imagining how the New Earth can be…


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Permission is not given to make hard copies of this material, or to sell it in any form.

Sue J Davis asserts her moral rights over this material.

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  1. Sue,
    Thank you for your beautiful and loving contribution! This IS the way I have envisioned how things will be. I love to go on walks with my daughter and her “fearless friends”! I swear they have more to teach the adults (and the most appropriate way to do so, like in your story about Danny)….isn’t it funny how everything seems upside down and backwards? I welcome this fresh new innocence, and look forward to more exciting tales of our next “step”! Love to you and many thanks for all you do, Sara


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