I used to hate camping – there was so much discomfort involved. I did quite a lot of it when I was young, until I realised I could say no. The weather was usually wet (this was the UK of course), the ground was lumpy, I was cold and uncomfortable, and I couldn’t sleep. So … More Trekking

No Insurance

Five years ago, a house in our neighbourhood fell down, killing one of the occupants. This was an unusual event, and the impact was felt all over the area. The couple who lived in the house were oldies, like me – but rejuvenated and in excellent health. It was an old house, which they loved, … More No Insurance

Imogen’s Treasure

This is a story set in the Transition between the Old Earth and the New – the time we’re just about to move into. Pat was the best cleaner Imogen had ever had, so she called her ‘My Treasure,’ imagining it to be a compliment. But Pat knew she was being patronised, and resented it. … More Imogen’s Treasure

New Neighbour

An artist called Madeleine has come to live next door. I say next door –it’s actually three kilometres away. Like mine, her house is tucked into a bay in the hillside and surrounded by bush, but it’s much bigger than mine. It’s made of a new synthetic material which is light and strong, and can … More New Neighbour


The children found Danny in the bush. ‘We heard him crying,’ said Tess. ‘But he was fifty kilometres away,’ protested Cleo. ‘Yes. And we heard him crying. So we went to see.’ This is typical of the children. They have no fear, they care about everyone, and will simply take whatever action they think is … More Danny

The Sahara Project

In the old days, the satellite pictures of North Africa were golden yellow all the way across the continent, from the Atlantic to the Gulf. It was the only place on Earth that looked like that. Well, it doesn’t look like that any more. Its transformation has been a big job and it isn’t finished … More The Sahara Project


I don’t think about my health any more. You don’t, when it’s perfect. My body does everything I want it to do, never gives any problems, has boundless energy, looks great – so health just isn’t an issue. I don’t want to make out that I don’t appreciate what I’ve got – I think we … More Health