I don’t think about my health any more. You don’t, when it’s perfect. My body does everything I want it to do, never gives any problems, has boundless energy, looks great – so health just isn’t an issue.

I don’t want to make out that I don’t appreciate what I’ve got – I think we all do. Because we enjoy our physical existence so much now. We can walk for miles or run for miles and jump and climb and swim and turn cartwheels; we can dance all night, or make love all night if we want to. Our bodies are a sheer delight. And through them we relish all the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and feelings of our beautiful world.

When the Change came, most of us were not in particularly good shape, were we? Which was hardly surprising, given the way our bodies had been treated over the years – the stressful lives they’d had to cope with, the lack of sleep, the electromagnetic radiation, the poverty of our diets, the contamination of the water, food and air, the drugs, the alcohol, the sugar – it was amazing they functioned as well as they did.

But suddenly all the toxicity was gone and there were wonderful new health technologies freely available for everyone. The top priority was the people from war zones, or people living with endemic disease or poverty or malnutrition, so the call went out for health professionals to volunteer. We were amazed at how many said yes. But now that they didn’t have to work, work, work just to pay the mortgage, they couldn’t wait to get out into the world and make a difference.

First of all they went to retrain in the new technologies, which work on the etheric templates of our bodies. The etheric template is the layer of the body’s energy field which extends just a little bit beyond the surface of the body. It provides the grid or template on which the body’s structures and tissues are laid down, and keeps them functioning properly. Heal or change the template and the body follows suit, and even grows new tissues as required. So limbs and organs can be re-grown and paralysis can be reversed.

Once all the people with urgent or serious health problems had been attended to, it was our turn – all those people whose health problems were minor or liveable with. But we didn’t need to live with them any more! I got the titanium plate and screws taken out of my wrist and had the etheric template healed; the bones and tissues re-formed without a scar, good as new. And I got new teeth. Not false ones, not implants – new ones grown out of my own jaw. And perfect vision, for the first time in my life.

Meanwhile, with the energy frequency on the planet still rising, and our own vibrations rising with it, rejuvenation set in. We oldies noticed it first: our skin smoothing out and regaining its elasticity and glow, our hair growing thick and shiny, our backs straightening, our joints freeing, and our aches and pains dissolving.

Then the bodymod boutiques opened. First there was a huge demand for tattoo removal. And then, sheepishly at first, but with growing confidence, all the gay guys and most of the women embarked on the quest for the body beautiful. And it didn’t take long! Legs lengthened, bottoms pertified, and lumpy bumpy bits were smoothed away.

Faces were slower to change, because no one wanted to stop looking like themselves all of a sudden. And quite right – who wants an identity crisis? But over time receding chins strengthened, cheeks were re-sculptured, little eyes grew and big noses shrank. So we still looked like ourselves – but seriously upgraded versions of ourselves.

There followed a weird phase where half the population of the planet looked like gods and goddesses, and the rest – mostly heterosexual men – did not. They dug their heels in, and you could understand why. Looks, after all, are not important, they pointed out. We had to agree. If you love me, you’ll take me as I am, they said. And we did. We did notice, however, that they didn’t actually complain about having partners who looked like goddesses.

But then one or two chaps went and had some work done, and wow! the attention those guys got. The smiles and the laughter and the feasting of the eyes. So little by little the other men started to have a little bit of work done here and a little bit of work done there. We laid on the positive reinforcement with a trowel, and they got a bit more done. It took maybe a decade, but in the end they looked as gorgeous as everyone else. And then we got used to it. And then we forgot about it. And now it’s just normal to be beautiful.


© Sue J Davis 2015

Please see Copyright Notice on the ‘About’ page.


8 thoughts on “Health

  1. hi,

    i dont see any such things happening in my country India. is it happening in your country. i mean when i read your post i get to understand that you have already ascended or living in another version of earth. or are you writing on this blog about future.. as to what might happen. or is this already happened with you. how you know all this stuff? if i may know. thanks.


    1. Hi,

      In answer to your questions – yes, these stories are set in the future. My sources of information include the websites I give links for, plus the books of David Wilcock, Peter Calhoun, Keisha Crowther, Steven Greer and others, together with my own imagination.

      Many of us are just starting to understand that the mass consciousness of humanity creates our reality. Our emotions, thoughts, beliefs, expectations, intentions and imaginings all contribute to this. So if we imagine the New Earth that we wish to see, we help to create it and draw it towards us. This is the purpose of the blog. 🙂 For more information, please see the ‘About’ page.

      With best wishes, Sue


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