My great, great niece came to see me this morning. I was glad to see her. I’d been feeling sad and she always makes me feel good. She sent me a telepathic message yesterday afternoon, suggesting the visit. I said shouldn’t she be in school? But she said oh, it would be fine. And she’s … More Children


The first things I hear in the morning are birdsong and the sound of running water, and sometimes the wind in the trees. Which is only to be expected in the country. But it’s the same when I stay with my partner in the city, because the city doesn’t just belong to the people – … More Sound

The Sea

My partner is a surfer. I’m that pitiful excuse for a surfer, the boogie-boarder. He swims out to sea and rides the great waves standing up. I stand up to my waist in the sea and ride the smaller waves lying down. But I love it just as much as he does, and it’s something … More The Sea

The Animals

It’s so different with the animals now, and embarrassing to remember how we used to treat them. A lot of people did beat themselves up about it at first, but it’s silly to refuse to forgive yourself when the animals themselves are forgiving you and wanting to be friends. And we can communicate with them … More The Animals


Government is by consensus. It took a lot of getting used to, but finally we got the hang of it, and rather to our surprise, it seems to work. It works because we’re all connected. We know that from quantum physics, but more importantly we can feel it now. We’re each unique, but at the … More Consensus


Now we no longer have money, and everyone shares the resources of the planet, no one actually needs to work. After all, we have free energy, replicators and disposers. And land, water and air are freely available to everyone. With no bosses, no bills to pay, no nine to five and no alarm clocks, our … More Work


I have a little flying saucer. It’s very cute and very fast. Basically, all you need to do is set the coordinates for the destination and the route you want to take. As for the rest – steering, not flying into mountains, not colliding with other saucers and so on – all of that’s taken … More Transport


I have a little home on a hillside. The hillside is steep, remote, and covered in bush, which is full of birds. The hillside can be steep because we don’t need roads anymore. And it can be remote because we don’t need power lines or phone lines or plumbing anymore. My house is small because … More Home