Now we no longer have money, and everyone shares the resources of the planet, no one actually needs to work. After all, we have free energy, replicators and disposers. And land, water and air are freely available to everyone.

With no bosses, no bills to pay, no nine to five and no alarm clocks, our bodies have settled into their natural rhythm. We get up when we’re ready, go to bed when we like, and stay up all night if it suits.

Some people prefer not to work. They just sit out on their verandas and watch the world go by. And that’s absolutely fine. We were sold a lulu with that old Protestant work ethic!

But most people like to do things. And without all the financial pressures, they’re doing the things they love – which include making things and finding out things and inventing things and designing things. Information and education is freely available across the planet, so everyone has the chance to achieve their full potential. And they share what they’ve made or discovered or invented or designed with the rest of us, so all our lives are enriched.

In the early days, it wasn’t like that. The financial pressures had gone, but there were all sorts of urgent needs to be met, so that’s how we spent our days. Some were keen and some were reluctant, but in the end, everyone did their bit.

There were projects to provide shelter, health care, food and clean water to the people who were poor, starving, homeless, or affected by wars; projects to manufacture free-energy devices and get them into every household in the world so we could come off fossil fuels and nuclear power as soon as possible; projects to clean up the pollution and heal the Earth.

I was already involved with Earth Healing, so that’s what I carried on doing, and once we had the advanced technologies the work went ahead in leaps and bounds. That was a sheer joy – even when we were exhausted there were smiles on our faces. And those involved with free energy devices felt the same, I think.

Tougher assignments were the aid projects for war-torn areas and areas of famine and disease. Worse still was the liberation of the ICC off-world manufacturing bases run on slave labour, and worst of all the purging of the underground bases on Earth, where experiments on people had been carried out. It was suggested that all the people involved in those assignments should have regular therapy, and they did.

But after a few years, everything calmed down to a more steady pace. All the urgent stuff was complete. The slaves and other traumatised people had been taken to the beautiful Mayan worlds for healing and rehabilitation. Everyone on Earth had a home, health care, food, clean water, education. Every home had free energy. So we all started taking holidays, and taking stock.

Some of us oldies decided to retire at that point. Most of us changed our minds later, once rejuvenation had started to kick in, but first of all we retired, and let the young people take over. And were they ready for it! They knew what had to be done, and they got on with it, with pleasure – with joy, actually. And relief.

So here we are now, making it up as we go along. We don’t quite know where we’re headed, but we’re going there together. And that’s all of us – all the skin colours, all the ethnicities, all the nationalities. Now that the fear is gone, curiosity is taking over. We want to know about each other, we want to learn from each other, we want to understand how the world looks through each other’s eyes.


© Sue J Davis 2015

Please see Copyright Notice on the ‘About’ Page.

4 thoughts on “Work

  1. I really like the idea of these texts of yours. So much so that I’ve started translating these to Finnish, eventually to be published on among other translated material.

    Which gets me to the point of this comment, I’m having trouble with this :
    “We were sold a lulu with that old Protestant work ethic!”

    I have an impression of what this could be from the context, but then the more literal clues of lulu seem to point to another direction.

    Would you be so kind to maybe rephrase it, so I can get the meaning as you have meant it ?

    Yours, with love


    1. Hi Piper,

      Thank you! I’m happy that you’re translating the stories. I’ve been trying to find an equivalent for ‘sold a lulu.’ Here’s a longer way of saying the same thing: ‘What a nonsense that old Protestant work ethic was! – Just a confidence trick of the Global Elite.’

      Love from Sue


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