The Sahara Project

In the old days, the satellite pictures of North Africa were golden yellow all the way across the continent, from the Atlantic to the Gulf. It was the only place on Earth that looked like that. Well, it doesn’t look like that any more. Its transformation has been a big job and it isn’t finished … More The Sahara Project


I don’t think about my health any more. You don’t, when it’s perfect. My body does everything I want it to do, never gives any problems, has boundless energy, looks great – so health just isn’t an issue. I don’t want to make out that I don’t appreciate what I’ve got – I think we … More Health


Government is by consensus. It took a lot of getting used to, but finally we got the hang of it, and rather to our surprise, it seems to work. It works because we’re all connected. We know that from quantum physics, but more importantly we can feel it now. We’re each unique, but at the … More Consensus


Now we no longer have money, and everyone shares the resources of the planet, no one actually needs to work. After all, we have free energy, replicators and disposers. And land, water and air are freely available to everyone. With no bosses, no bills to pay, no nine to five and no alarm clocks, our … More Work