My great, great niece came to see me this morning. I was glad to see her. I’d been feeling sad and she always makes me feel good.

She sent me a telepathic message yesterday afternoon, suggesting the visit. I said shouldn’t she be in school? But she said oh, it would be fine.

And she’s right, of course. Schools aren’t like they used to be. They’re places where children explore and have fun, and choose the direction they want to go in. There’s real education going on at last. It’s not about exams, it’s not about getting jobs, and there are no forms to fill in. The children have a lovely time and so do the teachers, and it’s all very free and easy. So spending the morning with your great, great aunt really isn’t a problem.

So Tess teleported over at about nine thirty, and we went for a walk in the bush with Bryn (the cat) and Flit (his friend the fantail). Back in time for elevenses, we painted pictures for the rest of the morning and ate lunch from the replicator (pasta for Tess, soup for me). Then off she went to school for her dance class.

It’s always lovely to see her – she’s such a happy, affectionate child –  but she had a special reason for coming to see me. A friend of mine has decided to pass on, and I’d been feeling sad about it. I hadn’t told anyone, but Tess picked it up without being told. She broached the subject on our walk, and said she wanted to help me to feel better about it. I was quite taken aback – partly because I hadn’t told anyone, and partly because I’m not used to being counselled by a seven-year-old! But everything she said made sense, and it was just what I needed to hear, so I tried to take it in the spirit it was given. And immediately felt better.

I remember when her mother Cleo (my great-niece) and her partner Brendan decided they wanted to have a child. The first thing they did was to go to the nearest City of Light to get checked out and see whether they were ready for parenting – physically, psychologically, and in every other way. Which they were. Also to have energy work to put them in the best possible condition before Cleo got pregnant. And to have discussions with the advisors. When all that was finished they came back and called a meeting to discuss it with everyone in the community – family, friends, neighbours – everyone.

Nowadays, every child is a child of the community, not just a child of the family. And births don’t happen very often, so everyone is interested and wants to be involved, wants to help. The era of parents having to struggle alone is over. No one has to work for a living, and both parents expect to share responsibility for the child, but they share it with the community, too. And there’s no risk attached to this arrangement as there would have been in the bad old days.

Pregnancy and birth are generally trouble-free with the new health technologies, and the babies are healthy and sleep well. So stress and sleepless nights for parents are a thing of the past, and every child is surrounded by people who want to be in their company. No wonder they’re so happy and confident.

Before they called the village meeting, Cleo and Brendan came to see me, which was lovely. They had a glow about them from the City of Light, and a calm assurance that everything would be fine. But they wanted me to feel included, and invited my opinion and advice. It was like that in the village meeting too – they wanted to know what people thought – about the timing of the birth, the upbringing of the child and so on. I was so proud of them.

And the result was Tess, who’s a complete joy to have around – and it’s not just her family who say so.

But of course, all the children these days are different from the word go. They’re like angels – born psychic, loving, powerful and wise, with knowledge and abilities that the rest of us are only just starting to develop. We think the world is different now, but just wait till Tess’s generation get to be adults!


© Sue J Davis 2015

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