New Neighbour

An artist called Madeleine has come to live next door. I say next door –it’s actually three kilometres away. Like mine, her house is tucked into a bay in the hillside and surrounded by bush, but it’s much bigger than mine. It’s made of a new synthetic material which is light and strong, and can … More New Neighbour


The children found Danny in the bush. ‘We heard him crying,’ said Tess. ‘But he was fifty kilometres away,’ protested Cleo. ‘Yes. And we heard him crying. So we went to see.’ This is typical of the children. They have no fear, they care about everyone, and will simply take whatever action they think is … More Danny


My great, great niece came to see me this morning. I was glad to see her. I’d been feeling sad and she always makes me feel good. She sent me a telepathic message yesterday afternoon, suggesting the visit. I said shouldn’t she be in school? But she said oh, it would be fine. And she’s … More Children