I have a little home on a hillside. The hillside is steep, remote, and covered in bush, which is full of birds.

The hillside can be steep because we don’t need roads anymore. And it can be remote because we don’t need power lines or phone lines or plumbing anymore.

My house is small because I don’t need to store very much, and that’s because I have a replicator and a disposer. The replicator produces almost anything I need, and when I’ve finished with it my disposer turns it back into energy. (And there’s another one fitted discretely under the toilet!)

I do keep some favourite clothes, though I don’t really need to – I could just as easily replicate them. I save my art work, of course, and my writing and my books. And things my friends have made with their hands. Oh, and the crystals. But they are my friends too.

Some people have kitchens – if they love to cook. I don’t, but I love good food. So I download meal templates for the replicator, and it produces gourmet food exactly as the chef first made it. Nigel Slater’s done a range, and so has Heston Blumenthal. They are quick, delicious, and utterly reliable. And no washing up!

My partner loves to cook, and he has a great big beautiful kitchen. In fact he’ll happily spend all day in there – or in his garden, where he grows most of what he cooks. It’s all a labour of love for him – love, love, love – and who am I to complain? The meals he cooks are always special, and never the same twice.

Some people have stopped eating altogether and live on prana. I suspect some of them never really liked food very much – it was just a chore and a bother which they were glad to get shot of. The Galactics have it both ways – they don’t need to eat, but they do it for recreation and pleasure when they feel like it. I reckon we’ll be like them in the end.

I have a cleaning cabinet where I put my clothes – the ones I’m not recycling. It just extracts the dirt without getting them wet, and without using solvents.

The house has an automatic cleaning function too. While I’m out it gives itself a wash and brush-up behind my back. So it’s absolutely pristine, with no effort from me. My friend Jean has her cleaning function switched off, because she likes to do it herself. Strange but true.

Oh, and the surfaces can change colour if I want them to. And the lighting  can change, and be warm or cool, bright or soft. And it’s so flattering! Not that it matters so much these days, because we all look good.

I have a shower and a bath. I don’t need them, because our bodies don’t produce as much waste as they used to, and if I need to I can go and sit in the cleaning cabinet. But most people still love to get into water or have it poured over them, and with free energy and plentiful water there’s no guilt attached, so we enjoy it to the full. Some people have hot pools in their gardens, or warm waterfalls, which are delicious.

And the public baths – what magical places they are! – set among gardens or trees or on mountain sides. And open 24 hours a day. You can go and bathe naked in the moonlight at two o’clock in the morning, and no one will bother you.


© Sue J Davis 2015

Please see Copyright Notice on the ‘About’ Page.

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