Coming Home

A few years ago, people started coming back to Earth from the Mayan worlds.

Their story was one of the most disturbing parts of Disclosure. The Cabal had abducted these people from Earth or lured them into space with the promise of a fabulous lifestyle. Then some had been used as slaves in the manufacturing bases on Mars, the Moon and the Asteroids, some had been experimented on, and some had been used as commodities, trading them to extraterrestrials in exchange for technologies (though the Alliance had rescued as many of these people as they could.)

After Disclosure the gentle Mayans had taken the damaged and traumatised people to their beautiful worlds for healing and rehabilitation. Many chose to stay there, and why not? After all they’d been through, why not stay in Paradise?

The surprising thing is that so many chose to return to Earth.

We speculated about this. Maybe the Earth still felt like home to them. Maybe they wanted to return to their roots. Maybe they just wanted to make a contribution to this new world we are building together. But whatever the reason, we thought it must have taken a lot of courage. This all came closer to home when the National Council informed us that two of them were coming back to our own district, where they had lived as children. And they were brothers – John and Michael.

We prepared our most beautiful and private guest cottage, and on the day of their arrival the whole community was at the centre to welcome them. We’d prepared a ceremony with music, singing and dancing, where the children played a prominent role.

We felt shy, and I think they did too. Our experiences of life had been so different. Thank goodness for the children; they took the awkwardness out of the situation, and made us all laugh.

And as the days passed, we tried to provide the balance of privacy and company, quiet and stimulation, that suited the brothers best. We were determined to do our very best to help them. We feel a little foolish about this now, because it soon became apparent that they are wiser than we are, and have far more to give us than we have to give them.

The children adore them, and the feeling is mutual; they spend a lot of time teaching at the school. They’ve absorbed some aspects of Mayan art, science and technology – which is quite different from the technology we know – and are passing it on. This may be happening all over the world, to everyone’s benefit.

They are going to plan their home in conjunction with the children. We can hardly wait to see what they build. In fact we discuss it endlessly, feeling rather like children ourselves in our excitement at the prospect.

Will it have that simplicity that the Mayans seem to prefer? Will there be something of the Mayan temple about it? Will it be made of stone, or stone replicate? Will the walls be covered in carvings? Will it be oriented to the Ley lines or vortices or the sun or certain planets or constellations? Will it be able to shift frequency? And, most thrilling of all, will it contain a stargate?


© Sue J Davis 2015

Please see Copyright Notice on the ‘About’ page.

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