Red Rudi and the Psychic Superpowers – Part 3

One morning, Mr Whitcliffe turned up at the Meditation Club. This was a bit odd – he didn’t normally do spot checks. But Rudi nodded to him and carried on as usual.

He turned up again the following morning, and the one after that, and the one after that. ‘I hope you don’t mind,’ he said to Rudi, but I’m finding it very beneficial.’ After a week or two they got used to him, and almost forgot he was there.

In the evenings, after meditation, the boys were working on Healing. They would put three chairs together and take it in turns to lie down and be on the receiving end. Richard’s asthma got gradually better until he didn’t need the inhaler any more, Michael’s stammer disappeared, and Troy’s eyesight improved so much he had to get new glasses. They also practised Distant Healing on various people they knew, including Mr Whitcliffe.

Meanwhile, the Head of English was checking out a new source of information – the Caretaker – asking whether the boys left the common room in a tidy state, and if he had any concerns.

Not at all,’ he replied. ‘They sometimes don’t put the chairs back quite right, but that’s okay. It’s always clean and tidy. No crisp packets or chewing gum or fag ends or beer bottles or syringes or anything.’

How do you mean, they don’t put the chairs back quite right?’

Sometimes there are three chairs pushed together, that’s all.’

Back in the staffroom the teachers agreed that at least one of the boys must be lying down. For what purpose, though? It wasn’t their idea of meditation, and was vaguely worrying.

Mr Whitcliffe walked in, so they changed the subject.

Hello Gordon, and how are you feeling this morning?’

Do you know, I think I’ve been healed.’

Glad to hear it. Excellent. Have a cup of tea.’


When it all went wrong, it went wrong too fast to troubleshoot. It was Jim and Jake’s flying carpet project that did it. The twins had a particular talent for levitation, and they were trying to levitate a Persian carpet in the lounge whilst sitting on it at the same time. The project would have been a complete success if they hadn’t temporarily lost horizontal stability, slid sideways and knocked a vase off the mantelpiece. It smashed to the hearth, and their mother came barging in, unfortunately while they were still airborne. According to Jim and Jake, the screams must have been heard for miles.

So she called in the priest. Jim and Jake were interrogated and exorcised, a Letter Of Complaint was written to the Headmaster and copied to the Board of Governors, citing Occult Practices, and Rudi was summoned to the Headmaster’s Room.

Mr Gladiolus the Headmaster was a man promoted beyond his abilities. Mr Burke the Deputy did most of the actual work of running the school, and had to clear up any messes that his boss left behind. Mr Burke was a humble, harried and rather clever little man, whom the teachers would have happily taken into their confidence if he’d ever had the time to drop into the staffroom for a cup of tea. But he never did.

Rudi,’ began Mr Gladiolus, ‘I’ve received a Letter Of Complaint from the parents of the Hanson twins, concerning the Meditation Club. Their parents claim that the club is being used as a front for Occult Practices.’

A cult? No, it’s not a cult, sir.’

Mrs Hanson cites Levitation, Teleportation, Telekinesis, Clairvoyance, Telepathy and Healing.’

Oh, those. Yes, we do those.’

So you admit it.’

You make it sound like something bad.’

Well, most people would question whether it was wise or safe, from either a physical or, dare I say it, a spiritual perspective.’

I don’t know what you mean, sir.’

Rudi, your club was sanctioned on the basis that it was for meditation. This is not meditation, is it?’

Well, they don’t just do football in the Football Club either. They do exercises and stuff too.’

Are you saying that these practices help you meditate better?’

They’re all part of the same thing – developing yourself inside.’

And don’t you think that inner development would be more effectively done – and more safely done – under the auspices of the church?’

No I don’t, sir. Haven’t you been listening to Disclosure? Don’t you know that religion has been used as a tool of control by the Global Elite?’

Be that as it may, permission was given for a Meditation Club. It was not given for a club to develop occult abilities. The club strayed from its mandate. Therefore, regrettably, permission for the club will have to be withdrawn.’


I’m sorry Rudi, but the club will have to close.’

But why?’

I think I’ve made my reasons clear.’

As Rudi felt the blood rising to his face, a little voice inside him told him to calm down and be polite and patient and let events take their course. He ignored it.

But this is stupid. Don’t you realise how much good the club has been doing? Helping kids to be more loving and forgiving and raising their consciousness? And that spreads out to everyone around them and helps them raise their consciousness too. Don’t you know that?’

That’s not the point.’

Of course it’s the point. That’s what I started it for, and that’s what it’s been doing. Since we started the bullying has almost stopped in this school. You must know that. And kids have been healed. And we’ve all become more caring and kind. And it’s helping us get ready for Ascension, which is the most important thing in the world. And now you want to stop it. It’s bonkers!’

Rudi, I must ask you to lower your voice and take your hands off my desk and sit down. Sit down. Calm yourself. Thank you. You will be disciplined for this outburst, and your parents will be informed. Go back to your classroom and ask Mr Whitcliffe to come and see me.’

When Mr Whitcliffe arrived, Mr Gladiolus explained the situation and asked him to impose on Rudi a punishment commensurate with loss of self-control and insubordination. Then he summoned his secretary and dictated letters to Rudi’s parents and the members of the Meditation Club and their parents, all to be copied to the Board of Governors.


Rudi was ashamed. He should have listened to the inner voice. He’d just reacted out of hurt pride and ego, which was embarrassing and stupid. Hadn’t he learned anything over the last six months?

And although he hated to admit it, in some ways Mr Gladiolus was right. There were two things that had been nagging at him for weeks, but he’d been ignoring them. One was that it was dishonest to hide the psychic stuff from their parents and teachers. The other was the potential danger in some of the things they were doing. What if someone fell from a height while levitating, for example? What if someone teleported onto a motorway by mistake? To be honest, they were really lucky that no one had got hurt already.

Also, it was stupid of him to act as if the end of the Meditation Club meant the end of Ascension or the end of these abilities. They were coming, and coming for everyone. He’d been acting as if they belonged to him in some way – as if without him, they wouldn’t happen, or wouldn’t happen in the right way. But they didn’t belong to him – they belonged to everyone.

So why had he got so upset? Because he wanted to be in the forefront, wanted to have the glory. He’d convinced himself that everything he was doing was ‘Service to Others,’ but really it was ‘Service to Self.’ All Ego.

He went through the next few days in a blur of misery and shame, avoiding eye contact with everyone he met.

Final part soon.


© Sue J Davis 2015

Please see Copyright Notice on the ‘About’ page.

5 thoughts on “Red Rudi and the Psychic Superpowers – Part 3

  1. Dear Sue, I am thoroughly enjoying your writing! Thank you for expanding, grounding and catalyzing all of our dream seeds. It’s so great to wear New Earth through your offerings. Much Love! Tascha


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