Knowing It All And Getting It Wrong – Part 4

As time went on, most people got bored with the Cabal Tribunals. They were glad they were happening, but they didn’t want to focus on them any more. The future beckoned, and it looked amazing. The new financial system seemed to be working; the wars seemed to be over; food, water, shelter and health care were reaching those who needed them; the new technologies were coming on-stream; and the mass consciousness was rising. The world was changing, and changing fast.

And optimism was in the air. People smiled at each other in the street. Drivers let other drivers go first. People took time to stop and talk to one another. To help one another. To meditate. To smell the roses. And still the Ascension energies were increasing in intensity…


Conrad and Claire returned to Earth – with the other witnesses and their families – in a big transporter saucer, which touched down briefly at a series of major airports, and was filmed by TV cameras from every network in the world.

Marion met them at the airport. They were pale from living underground, and seemed a bit dazed, but they were all in one piece, and Marion was somewhat manic with excitement and relief.

Welcome home, you two! Conrad, I’m speechless with admiration – well, not speechless, obviously, but overwhelmed anyway. And I owe you a huge apology. And I feel a bit of a fool, but never mind. Come along, the car’s not far away. Is that all your luggage?’

Since their house would take some months to repair, Marion had offered to put them up for the time being. ‘You’re welcome to stay as long as you like,’ she said, ‘but if it doesn’t suit, feel free to go – there are funds for hotel accommodation if you prefer.’ But after the cramped nature of their off-world quarters, Marion’s modest three-bedroom home seemed positively spacious, and they were glad to accept the offer.

Claire asked Conrad if he’d mind them taking separate bedrooms. Conrad agreed, though he was a bit sad about it. He believed her when she said she’d forgiven him, but at the same time he knew that something had changed.


One evening shortly after their arrival Marion said, ‘By the way, Conrad, I want to apologise to you properly. I think I had a hand in blowing your cover. Not that I knew you had a cover to blow.’

It was my fault, Marion,’ said Claire. ‘I was appallingly rude to that man, and it turned out he’d come to dinner to check up on Conrad. And my behaviour made him suspicious.’

But hang on a minute, Claire. Surely, the only reason you behaved like that was because I’d convinced you that Conrad was one of the bad guys. Isn’t that right?’

I suppose so. Yes.’

So I owe you an apology, too. I overrode your own sense that Conrad was a good man. Your sense was better than mine, but I was more forceful. I bullied you out of it, really. And I’m sorry for being rude about your spiritual work, too. I do know better now.’

That’s okay, sweetie.’

And Conrad, I’m sorry for judging you without knowing the full story. But I have seen the error of my ways, and from henceforth I shall be a reformed character and a completely non-judgemental woman.’

Is that right?’ laughed Conrad. ‘This I would like to see!’

Claire, he doesn’t believe me!’ cried Marion.

And Claire smiled.


Marion introduced Conrad to her contacts, and soon he was giving more talks than she was. She liked to go along and heckle him and ask difficult questions, much to his delight.

They were each invited to sit on various think tanks and committees looking at the logistics of spreading prosperity, re-framing legal systems, cleaning up pollution, implementing new technologies, and so on. Marion was in a state of high excitement about it all. Conrad’s more phlegmatic nature acted as ballast to her balloon, but in his way he was as thrilled to be part of it as she was.

Meanwhile, back at Marion’s place, Claire would cook, sing, meditate, and do her spiritual work, which included energetic support for all the projects that Conrad and Marion were involved with.

She felt a wonderful blossoming beginning to happen inside her. She didn’t know what it was, but she felt such release, such freedom, that she hardly cared what happened next – she was just happy to be in the moment. Was this a prelude to Ascension?


In the evenings Conrad and Marion would compare perspectives and debate and argue and laugh at each other. Claire enjoyed listening and watching. Conrad’s face used to have a guarded look, a blankness about it, but now it was open and responsive, and never more so than when arguing with Marion.

For example:

I don’t see why everyone shouldn’t have their own little flying saucer,’ said Marion one evening. ‘I mean, why not?’

Because it would be utter chaos, that’s why,’ said Conrad. ‘Can you imagine the confusion? With no air traffic control? Saucers zipping across the city in all directions at once, banging into each other, falling out of the sky.’

Okay, so no-fly zones over the cities, maybe. Big saucer parks just outside, like Park and Ride, with big jump stations to get people to the centre of the city, then lots of little jump stations inside the city.’

There’d still be collisions over the countryside, though.’

You’re thinking of planes, Conrad. They’re not like planes.’

I know they’re not like planes, Marion. I’ve flown in them, remember.’

A thousand apologies! I bow to your lordship’s greater experience. But you’re forgetting, oh great one, that they can stop on a dime and hover, or shift phase or whatever. And since they take so little time to get where they’re going, there’d be far fewer in the air at any one time.’

And they’d bang into each other that much faster. You just want one of your own, you reckless woman. That’s what this is all about!’

Of course I do! Don’t you? I bet Claire does. Claire, don’t you want your own little flying saucer?’

Yes please. I’d love one.’

There you go. The voice of the common woman.’

Are you calling my wife a common woman?’

And so on.


One afternoon a couple of months later, while Conrad was out and Claire was folding laundry in the lounge, Marion came in and said, without preamble:

Claire, there’s something I need to tell you. I think I’m falling in love with Conrad. I haven’t told him and I don’t think he knows. I don’t know what to do about it. Sorry, Claire.’

Of course you are, sweetie. Of course you love him. It’s not a problem. I’ve been expecting this for some time.’

Really?… You mean you don’t mind?’

Not at all. You’re much better suited to him than I ever was. I’m too soft for him, really. He needs someone to stimulate and challenge and tease him, like you do. And you know, our marriage was essentially just part of his cover story. Don’t get me wrong – I still like him. Very much, actually. And he gave me a very comfortable life, which I’m grateful for. But none of us need that stuff any more.

You know, I’d like to build a little house in the middle of nature. Just me, an energy box, a replicator and a disposer. And a flying saucer, if possible. Maybe a cat. Simplify everything. I’m looking forward to it, to tell you the truth.’

But what if Conrad doesn’t…’

Oh sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself, aren’t I?… Look, sweetie, I’m absolutely sure he loves you, but he may not realise you feel the same. Men aren’t so clever about the emotional stuff, are they? So tell him. Tell him and see what he says.’


When Conrad walked in, Claire said, ‘Marion’s got something to tell you, darling. I suggest you go for a walk or something. I won’t wait up. Have a lovely evening.’

Puzzled but obliging, Conrad went off for a walk in the nature reserve with Marion.

Twenty minutes later the phone rang.

Darling, it’s me.’

Hello, darling.’

Marion says she’s in love with me.’

Yes, darling, I know.’

She says you don’t mind.’

Yes, that’s right.’

You don’t mind? If me and Marion…’

That’s right, I don’t mind at all. And I think you and Marion are made for each other.’

I didn’t want to do anything without… You know.’

I know.’

So you’re okay?’

Never better, darling.’

Are you sure?’

Absolutely positive.’

This is a weird conversation.’

It is, isn’t it? Hadn’t you better get back to Marion?’

Alright then. Love you. I mean. You know what I mean.’

Of course. Love you too, darling. And give my love to Marion.’

I will. Don’t wait up.’

I won’t wait up.’

Goodnight, then.’


As she put the phone down, Claire marvelled at herself. She seemed to have completely lost the capacity for jealousy. She searched inside herself, and couldn’t find a scrap of it. How strange, and how wonderful! In its place was a bubbly, overflowing fountain of happiness – Marion and Conrad’s happiness – which she seemed to be sharing in.

She’d so much enjoyed watching them fall in love. She’d better move out now and give them space – a motel first, then maybe a little rented flat. But she was sure the happiness would keep on flowing her way.

In fact, the swelling happiness of the whole world seemed to be flowing into her. So much of it, you’d think she’d burst. But instead she seemed to be expanding to accommodate it.

Perhaps this is Oneness, she thought. Perhaps this is how it works.

And she went into the bedroom to pack.

The End


© Sue J Davis 2015

Please see Copyright Notice on the ‘About’ page.

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